Streamline Split System

Solahart Split System Solar Water Heaters   



Solahart's split system solar water heaters are designed to give you the maximum flexibility of installation locations. 

The low profile and unobtrusive Solahart solar collectors are mounted on a roof facing the equator, whilst the storage tank is mounted at ground level out of sight. The electric boosted model can even be installed inside your home. This minimises the visual impact of going solar, while maximising the potential savings from the sun.




How the Split Systems Work


With open circuit split systems the water is circulated from the tank at ground level through the solar collectors by an electric pump called a 'circulator'.

Cooler water is circulated in a continuous cycle from the bottom of the tank and through the solar collectors where it absorbs the heat extracted from the sun before being returned to the tank.

A control unit on the water heater regulates the circulator. When the controller senses an 8°C differential in temperature between the top of the solar collectors and the bottom of the tank, the circulator is activated until the temperature differential falls to 2°C. This ensures the optimum use of the sun's free energy.  In closed circuit split systems, which are recommended for frost prone and poor water chemistry situations, Hartgard antifreeze fluid is used to circulate through the collectors. The heat harvested from the collectors is transferred from the fluid to the water in the tank by a heat exchanger.

With a Solahart solar hot water split system you can choose from a range of boosters including in-tank electric or in-line gas continuous flow boosting to ensure you always have hot water on tap even on cloudy days.


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The Streamline closed circuit system offers a choice of either the Solahart Kf or J collector. Both model collectors feature Solahart’s revolutionary multi-flow collector which uses a huge 35 risers to extract the maximum amount of energy from the sun. The closed circuit design protects the system from freezing, making it suitable for regions prone to frost. It is also ideal for use in areas with a harsh water supply.

The higher efficiency absorber of the Kf collector with its Black Chrome selective surface maximises the absorption of available solar energy providing even more savings. The system is equipped with either an electric booster element or an integrated in-line gas booster and a  thermostat which senses when boosting is required to ensure hot water regardless of the weather.


Features and Benefits


  • Suitable for frost prone areas or harsh water areas
  • Stylish slimline design
  • Electric boosted tank can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • Solar connections to top of the tank makes for simpler and tidier installation
  • Controlled variable flow through solar collectors to maximise solar gain
  • Choice of collectors to suit high to low solar gain areas
  • Minimum visual impact
  • Electric and gas boost models available
  • Ceramic lined tank
  • Toughened, hail resistant collector glass


  • Can save up to 35% to 80% of water heating energy consumption*
  • Hot water regardless of the weather
  • Can qualify for valuable government environmental incentives*
  • Reduced energy use of electric boosted models can save up to 1.4 to 3.1 tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum*
  • Reduced energy use of gas boosted models saves on CO2 emissions*
  • Peace of mind with Solahart’s 5/3/2† year warranty
  • Space efficient and flexibility with installationTechnical Details

*Energy savings of up to 35% to 80% shown are based on Australian Government approved TRNSYS simulation modelling using a medium load. Savings and incentives will vary depending upon your location, type of Solahart system installed, orientation and inclination of the solar collectors, type of water heater being replaced, hot water consumption and fuel tariff. Maximum financial savings off your hot water bill are achievable when replacing an electric water heater on continuous tariff.


†Warranty Details: 5/3/2, 5 year cylinder and collectors supply, 3 year cylinder and collectors labour, 2 year parts including labour; applies to a single family domestic dwelling only. All other applications have a 3/1/1/1 warranty: 3 years cylinder, 1 year collectors, 1 year parts, 1 year labour.





J Series

Kf Series

Absorber Surface

Black polyester powder coat

Chromonyx selective surface

Absorber Material



Riser Material



Number of Risers



Tray Material

0.7mm aluminium

0.7mm aluminium

Insulation Material

38mm polyester blanket

38mm glass fibre blanket


3.2mm tempered low iron

3.2mm tempered low iron


Dimensions & Weights



J & Kf Series

Number of Collectors



Length (m)



Width (m)



Weight - Empty (kg)



Weight - Full (kg)






Tank Model

270DBV Electric Boost

DBV270 Gas boost

Tank Capacity (litres)



Collectors (number)

2 or 3

2 or 3

Boost Capacity (litres)



Weight - Empty (kg)



Weight - Full (kg)



Height (m)



Width (m)



Depth (m)